Paul Pogba may be a busy man but that doesn’t stop him from dishing out some life advice to fans on social media.

Hours after Man United beat Hull 1-0, the £89 million midfielder logged on to Twitter to offer one lucky fan a hilarious piece of advice when he posted about wanting to change his hair to look like the French soccer star:

I tried changing my hairstyle to be like pogba nd now my gf hates me

— Man Utd Facebook (@MUFC_Facebook) August 27, 2016

It does sound like quite the dilemma but the footballer, of course, was on hand to play agony uncle and help the man with his troubles:

@MUFC_Facebook Change the girl mate, keep the hair 😂

— Paul Pogba (@paulpogba) August 27, 2016

And it seems Pogba’s life advice has gone down well with his fans:

@paulpogba @NanCysteine_SH best advice ever given in the history of advices given 🙈🙈🙈🙈. #shecantchangemydreads

— MCFC-AspAronic Acid (@Lucioronio) August 28, 2016

@paulpogba @MUFC_Facebook words of wisdom

— Mauricio Franco (@Maurizio_Franko) August 27, 2016

@paulpogba @MUFC_Facebook best advice ever 😂😂😂

— daddy's little gurl (@DocPresshious) August 28, 2016