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OMG. Stormzy just volunteered to be an X Factor judge

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While Honey G’s amazing X Factor audition was blowing up Twitter, word was reaching Stormzy.

Well that's the Christmas number 1 in the bag then. 🎅👆 #XFactorhttps://t.co/TR7T5mjrYL

— The X Factor (@TheXFactor) August 27, 2016

Let's be serious for a minute – I need to see Stormzy and Honey G collaborate before my life is over 😂😂 #XFactor2016 #Stormzy #HoneyG

— Remy Dhami (@remybug38) August 27, 2016

Honey G and Stormzy is going to do a track real soon. The Harrow and Croydon link up. Old Skool x Nu Skool MC's

— 215 (@Nuubion) August 27, 2016

Honey G ft Stormzy I can see it now #XFactor

— James Thornton (@jamesthornton32) August 27, 2016

Calls for him to collaborate on the “genuine urban artist” did not fall on deaf ears.

Who is Honey G and why do I need to collab with him/her ?

— #MERKY (@Stormzy1) August 27, 2016

Tune into #XtraFactorLive on @itv2 right now and you will find out… 👍 https://t.co/X5mRMZF4cd

— The X Factor (@TheXFactor) August 27, 2016

And after he found out about her, he dropped this bombshell.

[email protected] 😱 OMG. You heard it here first, #XFactor fans!

— The X Factor (@TheXFactor) August 27, 2016

[email protected] 🙌 Enjoy the show. 📺

— The X Factor (@TheXFactor) August 27, 2016

Could we soon see Stormzy sitting behind the desk next to Simon Cowell?

Stormzy for X Factor 2018!

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