As surely as day follows night, Arsenal fans have grown frustrated by a lack of transfer activity at their club.

And like a kid very much outside a candy store, Arsenal fans have had to watch on as other clubs make marquee signings left, right and centre.

With injuries and tiredness leaving Arsenal with a threadbare defence however, at least the club was rumoured to be closing in on Valencia defender, Shkodran Mustafi.

Valencia boss Pako Ayestarán says Mustafi is not for sale, and will not be leaving the club. #AFC

— David Cartlidge (@davidjaca) August 22, 2016

Oh dear. This won’t play well with the fans.

But obviously Wenger will have a plan B. We’re sure it’s all under control.

West Brom are unwilling to offload defender Jonny Evans to Arsenal for any price below £25m. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

— Transfer News Live (@DeadlineDayLive) August 23, 2016

A fee of £25 million. That sounds… reasonable?

Arsenal contacted west brom for Jonny Evans and was told they have to pay 25M 😂😂😂😂

— FOOTBALL 1 LAD (@FOOTBALL1lad) August 23, 2016

Oh dear, apparently not. And Arsenal fans aren’t too happy about the possibility of a Manchester United reject joining the squad.

If Wenger buys Jonny Evans for £25m he should certified insane. Not good enough for Man U but he will do for Arsenal. Pathetic! #wengerout

— Sportslicious (@sportslicious) August 23, 2016

Being held to ransom by West Brom for Jonny Evans isn't what I envisaged when we moved to the Emirates 10 years ago. False promises @Arsenal

— Alex Zaia (@zaiaalex) August 23, 2016

So Arsenal are quoted £25m for Jonny Evans? If Wenger needed evidence that getting deals done early was cost effective, there it is 😳 #AFC

— Kevin Palmer (@RealKevinPalmer) August 22, 2016

Like a dog with a bone, Twitter has had its fun with the news.

Shkodran Mustafi: 'not for sale'
Jonny Evans: £25M price tag
Arsenal fans this morning:

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) August 23, 2016

£25m for Jonny Evans? That's how much Real Madrid paid for Pepe

— Kaveh Solhekol (@SkyKaveh) August 23, 2016

And cheeky West Brom fans suggested Wenger could even stretch to a bit more.

Can't believe Albion are only quoting £25m to Arsenal for Jonny Evans.
Let's say £40m and he's yours.

— DavidLaw (@DavidLawTennis) August 22, 2016

But wait! Might he actually be… quite good?

Jonny Evans: Has won possession in the defensive third more times (128) in the PL than any other West Brom player since August 2015 #wba

— (@WhoScored) August 23, 2016

Only time will tell.

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