Sam Allardyce’s time at the helm of England will be remembered as shambolic; lasting just 67 days, the former West Ham boss took charge of only one game.

And while the fall-out from Big Sam’s departure is bleak and mildly depressing, there are laughs to be had when it comes to the outrageously short amount of time he spent in charge.

For example, did you know…

The 33 Chilean miners trapped in 2010 were underground for 2 days longer than Allardyce was England manager

— Ben Smith (@BSmith) September 27, 2016

And there’s more.

The Falklands War lasted longer than Sam Allardyce as England manager.

— Falkland Islands (@falklands_utd) September 27, 2016

Food products were a popular go-to option. Have you got a jar of chocolate spread that lasted longer than Big Sam? A stale cake, perhaps?

I've got beetroot that I have owned for longer than Sam Allardyce was England manager.

— Elis James (@elisjames) September 27, 2016

I'm pretty sure I have food in the cupboards that have been there longer than Sam Allardyce was in charge of England.

— IveGotRedCheeks (@Robert_Berning) September 28, 2016

Fun Fact: This has been in my cupboard longer than Sam Allardyce has been England manager.

— Tom Campbell (@TomCampbell) September 27, 2016

England’s recent search history has mainly been for a half-decent manager.

I've got tabs in my browser that have been open for longer than Sam Allardyce was England manager.

— Jon Bounds (@bounder) September 27, 2016

This one’s a bit embarrassing for the English. Allardyce and the FA were certainly not a marriage made in heaven.

Even Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage lasted longer than Sam Allardyce did as England manager.

— Rosa (@marxroadrunner) September 27, 2016

Sam does at least have that 100% winning record to savour.

I've had sticky race numbers on my arm that have lasted longer than Sam Allardyce.

— Martyn Brunt (@Bruntyonabike) September 28, 2016

Community chest! You’ve left your position as England manager. Miss a go.

The longest @MonopolyUK game in history lasted 70 days or 3 days longer than Big Sam's reign as @England manager. #SamAllardyce

— Paul Almeida (@AzorcanGlobal) September 28, 2016

Here’s to the next 67 days in the crazy world of England’s national team.