Things are hotting up on the X Factor as the contestants battle it out this weekend at judges’ houses.

They’ve all jetted off to various exotic locations to prove to their mentors – Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh – that they deserve a spot in the live shows.

Nicole and the boys (ITV)

Nicole is mentoring the boy’s category this year and they’ve joined her in the glamorous South of France for judges’ houses.

The contestants each shared their thoughts on having Nicole as a mentor:

Matt Terry said: “We did some filming where she went jet-skiing with us but when she came to meet us she walked out of the water like some sort of Bond girl. She looked so hot, I thought I was going to pass out!”

Matt Terry (Syco/Thames/Dymond/PA)

“I haven’t had the chance to speak to her just one-on-one. It’s easier when you’ve got the boys around you because it’s not as scary. I know the minute I have some time on my own with her I’m not going to be able to get my words out, she’s that beautiful.”

Ryan Lawrie (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

Ryan Lawrie said he was excited about having Nicole as a mentor adding: “She’s young and she knows my style of music so it’s great she’s there. We did some filming with her yesterday on a jet-ski and we were all saying she looks like a Bond girl. She’s hot.”

Freddy Parker added: “She looks sensational on TV and then you meet her in person and she’s crazy beautiful. I actually find myself lost for words when I’m around her! She’s so calm and casual and I’m like, ‘Don’t say anything stupid!’.”

Niall Sexton (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

Niall Sexton said: “I don’t think anyone, guy or girl, can say they don’t fancy Nicole, they would be crazy. It’s weird though because she makes you feel so comfortable when you’re around her, which is so nice.”

Christian Burrows said: “She’s the ultimate Bond girl. My mates are going to die when they see what I’ve been doing with her out in Nice, it’s insane.”

Bring on this weekend’s X Factor action!