This time last year, all we had at our disposal was a simple, unassuming bottle of nail lacquer. Then the spray-on nail polish reared it’s head and people went loco for it. Now, ladies, we present to you nail varnish in marker pen form. Yes, you heard us correctly, marker pens. If you fall into the lazy or time-poor camps, then you need to get your hands on one of Ciate’s Mani Markers (which incidentally you can from this week), £9.95.

Not only is it really simple to use – draw the colour onto clean nails (no base coat necessary) then finish with top coat – but it also dries within seconds. All hail the quick drying nail polish! Plus, since it comes in pen form it’s pleasingly portable with no risk of spillage – very handbag friendly. Suddenly the DIY-Manicure world looks a whole lot brighter, with endless possibilities. Here are four moments we suggest you put the Mani Marker to use:

1. In an Uber on your way to a date – You spent two and a half hours shaving your legs, perfecting the no makeup makeup look and picking your outfit and you totally forgot about your nails. Luckily, the Mani Marker fits in your clutch, so as your driver is telling you about the traffic and how irritating he finds cyclists, you can be drawing on Lady Luck red.

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2. At your desk – most offices turn their noses up to a cheeky mid-afternoon mani on your desk,. Thankfully these beauties look like pens, so while you’re touching up your Role Model indigo, everyone around you will think you’re working on the monthly reports.

3. On the tube – Whether you’ve lucked out and you’ve managed to get a seat, or you’re so squished that your face is about an inch away from the man in front of you’s bald head, you can still whack out your Beauty Queen pink Mani Marker and get scribbling.

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4. Skydiving – Don’t feel like you have to try this, but we totally reckon this would be possible.

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We heart them! Let us know if you do too and where you use them!