Mrs Brown’s Boys has proved itself to be television Marmite – people love it or they hate it.

Half the viewers tuning in for the BBC One sitcom – which features creator Brendan O’Carroll as foul-mouthed Agnes Brown – seemed to absolutely adore the show, but others DESPISED IT.

Many of those that loved it tweeted that they were struggling to control their giggles.

It's not cool to like it and everyone slags it off, but I was just in tears of laughter at Mrs Brown's Boys, fuck the haters. 😂😛

— Liz (@strengthtodream) August 22, 2016

Mrs Brown's Boys is one of those shows that makes you shake from laughing too hard

— caroline  (@moustachedup) August 22, 2016

Mrs Brown's Boys is honestly one of my favourite shows👏🏼

— Lizzy♡RT PINNED (@ptxlizzy) August 22, 2016

Bloody love Mrs Brown's Boys 😂😂😂😂

— Stevie (@steviecrane) August 22, 2016

Mrs Brown's Boys will always be TV Gold

— Ben Reseigh (@ben_reseigh) August 22, 2016

But plenty of Twitter users couldn’t see the funny side at all.

Turned over to @BBC and Mrs Browns boys was still on.

— The College Chef (@domsdads) August 22, 2016

Things that are funnier than Mrs Brown's Boys:
– The One Show
– Casualty
– Taggart
– Getting mown down by a Ford Focus
– Athlete's Foot

— Laura (@FireladySnail) August 22, 2016

I see that Mrs Brown's Boys is, inexplicably, getting another airing on #BBC1 tonight. Have we not suffered enough?

— Nick James (@jamesy1962) August 22, 2016

Mrs Brown's Boys is trending, thank fuck I don't have a tv licence so can't be tortured by this shite 👎🏼💩

— T (@Maltreaser) August 22, 2016

God Mrs Brown's boys is just an absolute criminal offence of a comedy

— Michael Flanagan (@flanners85) August 22, 2016

Mrs Brown's Boys is literally the worst

— Jake Flower (@Jake_Flower) August 22, 2016

Oh good. A Mrs Brown's Boys repeat.

— Graeme Swanson (@swansonian) August 22, 2016

Having it on the first night after the end of the Olympics didn’t seem help either, as several viewers were still in mourning for the action from Rio.

Gregg Wallace followed by Mrs Brown's Boys. What have we done to deserve this, BBC1? #TVHell #BringBackTheOlympics

— Richard K Hornsey (@richardkhornsey) August 22, 2016

The post-Olympics comedown not assisted by Mrs Brown's Boys being on instead of weightlifting, equestrian and diving.

— John Brewin (@JohnBrewinESPN) August 22, 2016