At the time of Martin Lawrence’s last stand-up special Bad Boys 2 hadn’t even been released.

Now, as Bad Boys 3 edges ever closer and we see the return of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett, Showtime have announced Lawrence’s first stand-up special since 2002.

Filmed in Los Angeles we can expect impressions and insights on everything from President Obama, Bill Cosby, Hollywood, sex, relationships and more.

Back in 1994 Lawrence touched on the fate of Rodney King and the state of race relations in America following the race riots that took place in the preceding year, and given how little appears to have changed this could also be another subject to expect insight from Lawrence.

The show airs in America on September 9 and will likely be available in the UK after.

In the meantime we can also get excited for Bad Boys 3, now known as Bad Boys For Life, which is expected to hit cinemas in January 2018.