Marnie Simpson might have scuppered her chances to win Celebrity Big Brother with one simple question – Who is George Michael?

The Geordie Shore was playing a quiz game when she was asked who the chart-topping star was, and claimed she had no idea!!!

George Michael (Alastair Grant/AP)

Cue plenty of mocking on Twitter…

Did Marnie seriously just say "Who's George Michael?" Waaaaah? #cbb

— Roz Laws (@rozlaws) August 24, 2016

"Who's George Michael?" REALLY MARNIE? REALLY? 😱😱🙈🙈 #CBB x

— Siobhan Linehan (@slinehan1) August 24, 2016

'Who's George Michael?'… Marnie shouldn't be allowed to win based on that comment alone. #CBB 🙄✋🏻

— beverley (@gingerbev_) August 24, 2016

The question isn't "Who's George Michael"? It's who the f@ck is this Marnie character? #actingdumbtogetpopular #cbb

— Mike (@Mike_Ela) August 24, 2016

"What did George Michael tell you to do before you go go?"
Marnie: "Who's George Michael?!"#CBB

— Shirleigh (@ShirleighShirlz) August 24, 2016

Me when Marnie said "who's George Michael" #CBB

— Shay (@leopardshay) August 24, 2016

Marnie should be extradited from the UK and never allowed back again " who's George Michael?" Get out you stupid witch #CBB

— Amanda (@Amandastweet40) August 24, 2016

I've heard "Who's Sam Fox?", but Who's George Michael?!" 😳😳😳 That takes the biscuit Marnie. Really. 🙈😂😂 #CBB

— MissM (@Milly1978) August 24, 2016

When Marnie said 'Who's George Michael?' I was seriously concerned for her 😂🙄🤔😳 #CBB

— Dana Coulson (@CutesyKitty) August 24, 2016

Ooooh, how embarrassing.