Anyone who has attempted to play any of EA Sports’ Fifa video game titles will know that goalkeepers aren’t equipped to play outfield most of the time.

But Manuel Neuer’s always been a bit different; encouraged by Pep Guardiola during his time at Bayern Munich to play high up the pitch, he is somewhat used to being a part of the team’s passing philosophy.

And that all checks out when you see the Germany number one’s ability in training.

⚽️ @Manuel_Neuer is no stranger when it comes to keepie-uppies 😉 #tekkers

— FC Bayern English (@FCBayernEN) November 8, 2016

The game is simply to keep the ball off the ground, and Neuer’s touch proves he’s more than capable of mixing it with Bayern’s best.

That back-pass at the end was a bit much though. No need for it.