On a day when the BBC was reeling from the loss of the Great British Bake Off, the excitement of the finale of new hit drama One Of Us just about kept people in the mood for some television.

Since it first hit our screens almost six weeks ago with a murdered pregnant newlywed couple sprawled out on the floor of their Edinburgh flat while a creepy man stood over them, people have been hooked.

As the storyline has unfolded, however, and the surprise twist revealed in Tuesday’s final episode, many people on Twitter were left with a lot of questions.

Watching #OneOfUs like pic.twitter.com/IRopOoUefz

— That_Guy (@_InkFreak_) September 13, 2016

This program was so random, it was just story lines that didn't fit together. WELL THANKS FOR THAT BBC #oneofus

— Emily Jayne (@loveemilyjayne) September 13, 2016

#OneOfUs I honestly don't get it. Who gave birth to who, do they even know?

— Tina Jackson (@TinaJac69034793) September 13, 2016

Confused by #OneOfUs , who was related to who, and what was Aide Edmondson's part in it all?!

— Michelle Seymour (@michelle4angel) September 13, 2016

My reaction #OneOfUs pic.twitter.com/iVenuMhj59

— Gigglegamer (@gigglegamer) September 13, 2016

As it was claimed that Grace and Adam were siblings, plenty of people claimed to have known all along (disclaimer: we’re still not 100%).

#oneofus yep. Bro and sis.

— Prof June Girvin (@JuneinHE) September 13, 2016

I KNEW it. Adam and Grace are brother and sister #OneOfUs

— Rosh (@roshETC) September 13, 2016

According to our research, this woman seems to have called it first.

#OneOfUs I think Grace and Ad are both Bill's child

— Belinda Jane Brady (@77wonder) September 13, 2016

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The revelation drew a lot of anger for the parents for not working it out earlier.


So the mother has an affair, 9 months later gives birth, and doesn't *ever* think 'hmm, I wonder..?' #OneOfUs

— squeever (@squeever) September 13, 2016

So Moira knew (she must have known) they were siblings but let them just get on with it?! Wtf? #OneOfUs

— GeorgieBennettWarner (@ginag1785) September 13, 2016

But mostly people were just left confused.


— Lindsey (@gfrazzle) September 13, 2016

4 episodes to lead up to that confusing mind boggling ending, one word springs to mind, Disappointing. #OneOfUs

— Kayleigh (@KayTaylorX) September 13, 2016

#OneOfUs pic.twitter.com/caZFtltsNj

— Naomi Millard (@funmumoffour) September 13, 2016

Second series anyone?