If you’re in the market for a life size and realistic statue of former U.S. presidents, mark January 14 on your calendar and make your way to historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. That’s when the Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum will put its entire collection of 44 president and First Lady statues up for auction. The First Lady statues, it should be noted, are not life size. “In early 2017, there will be an opportunity for the public to own a piece of this historic museum. Contents will include life-sized wax figures of all 44 Presidents of the United States and their First Ladies in 1/3 scale 3’ 10” (117 cm) tall,” according to the Pa. OnSite Auction Company, which is holding the auction. The statues’ heads are made of liquid vinyl plastic, while the torsos are made of fiberglass and styrofoam. The moving arms are wooden, and the eyes come from an optical supply company. “The life size president figures were created by several sculpture artists including Ivo Zini who has worldwide recognition for his work in cosmetic prosthesis,” according to the museum's website. The auction comes in the wake of the museum deciding to close after nearly 60 years due to dwindling crowds. "It was kind of its time," said Max T. Felty, president of Gettysburg Tours Inc., in an interview with the Baltimore Sun newspaper. "We were hoping that, with the Gettysburg sesquicentennial [in 2013], we'd see the attendance go up. But it really didn't increase much." The museum will also be auctioning off other associated memorabilia. If you can’t make it to Gettysburg, you can bid remotely.