Coronation Street star Kym Marsh has revealed she had a real-life crush on her soap hubby.

The former Hear’Say singer plays Michelle McDonald in the ITV soap who is married to Weatherfield pint puller Steve, but admitted that as a teen she had thought Simon Gregson, who plays her other half, was a real heartthrob.

She told the Daily Mirror: “I actually had a poster of Simon on my wall when I was younger, which is so weird. He was a heartthrob in the day! I love Simon, he’s gorgeous like a teddy bear, he’s lovely.”

Kym as Michelle McDonald (ITV)

Kym, 40, added that co-star Simon, 41, is so funny that she often has trouble completing scenes.

She said: “It’s a skill, you have to look slightly past him so you can’t see his face. We just try to complement each other and make it funnier. We enjoy working together.”

Talking about switching from a pop to a soap career, Kym said: “I was well aware that everybody didn’t know me as an actress so I had the pressure of people thinking was she any good or going to fall flat on her face. But everyone welcomed me and made me feel very relaxed.”

Beverley Callard plays Liz McDonald (ITV)

The actress also said Beverley Callard, who plays her TV mother-in-law Liz, is a real hoot: “She’s amazing. Beverley is such a giggler. If I have to tell her someone’s died or something she’ll lose it and start laughing. We get told off sometimes.”

She revealed that she has no plans to leave the soap: “Pop Stars was filmed at the Coronation Street Granada studios so I’ve kind of went full circle really. I’m very happy. I really feel I’ve found my home.”