Katie Hopkins has transformed herself into Boris Johnson as she pays tribute to her favourite “loud icon”.

The outspoken media personality and LBC radio presenter donned an oversized blond wig to portray the Conservative politician as part of a campaign for Global’s Make Some Noise, which raises awareness of charities that struggle to get heard.

Katie Hopkins has become Boris Johnson (Nick Ansell/PA)

Classic FM presenter and musician Aled Jones has dressed up as Mozart, Heart’s Jamie Theakston has become Freddie Mercury and I’m A Celebrity star George Shelley tried the Justin Bieber look ahead of Friday October 7, when the public will be urged to “dress loud”.

Jamie Theakston dresses as “loud icon” Freddie Mercury (Global)

Katie explained: “Global’s Make Some Noise needed a true Brit with balls, bravado and a brilliant command of our beautiful language – step forward Boris Johnson.

“Last time we met I asked him if he would marry me. It seems only right that I now stalk him in a bad wig to make this happen.”

Katie Hopkins as Boris Johnson (Global)

Capital FM presenter Dave Berry went straight to the source for his outfit, borrowing Mark Ronson’s famous leopard print jacket.

“When I’m asked to dress as my friend Mark Ronson, I think the best thing to do is to message him and ask for something to wear,” he said.

Dave Berry as Mark Ronson (Global)

“And with the leopard print jacket, he hasn’t disappointed for Global’s Make Some Noise … Mark, thank you so much for the lend of the jacket – it fits like a dream!”

George, 23, admitted he went through a phase of copying 22-year-old Justin Bieber’s hair.

“Bieber has always taken massive risks with fashion and made bold choices,” said George, who also presents on Capital.

George Shelley used to copy Justin Bieber’s hair (Global)

“I used to copy his hair, I literally had Bieber hair growing up, so it was fun to recreate the look.”

Aled claimed that Amadeus Mozart was actually more of a diva than people realised.

Putting on stockings and a wig and striking an imperious pose, he explained: “Mozart was the most rock ‘n roll of all the classical composers. He was a genius. When you look through the ages, all the best musicians, artists and actors were a little bit wild, and he was definitely that.

Aled Jones as Mozart (Global)

“I’ve had the time of my life today – I’ve always loved Mozart’s music and now I feel closer to the man because I’ve dressed up as him!”

Make Some Noise is a national charity supporting projects to help disadvantaged young people.