Julie attended the Mercury Prize awards ceremony last night and watched her brother Skepta win the prestigious award.

Julie tuned in live from the awards, you can hear her below reporting before the announcement of the winner.

On her three favourite live performances from Mercury Prize this year, she said: “As they were performing I kept saying ‘that was the best one,’ I can go with the top 3 most amazing.

“Savages were incredible. Kano performed with a full brass band, like a marching band drummer, insane. And then the third one’s tough The 1975 Love Me live was mad.”

When discussing Skepta making a bet on The 1975 to take the Mercury Prize, she said: “I’m getting intel from everyone that Skepta has put a bet down on who he thinks is gonna win. He’s put money on The 1975 to win. I saw it on his instagram but honestly every performer, Jamie Woon live is amazing, Laura Mvula performed Phenomenal Woman, Skepta’s performance was fantastic, everybody.”

(Matt Crossick/PA)

Skepta brought along the Adenuga family to celebrate his successes. Julie said: “Matt from The 1975 came and said hello. He’s a big fan of Skepta. Michael Kiwanuka introduced me to his wife. He met my mum and dad. They’re loving it. My mom keeps taking pictures of herself with the trophies. She’s having a great time, my dad’s cool, calm and collected.”

Here you can listen to Julie on stage after her brother was announced the winner of the Mercury Prize.

“I’m holding back tears right now, this is crazy”, she said. “As soon as he won everybody started spraying champagne. My mum went crazy.”