In what could be an ill-timed camera moment, Joe Hart was spotted on the bench giggling while substitute goalie Willy Caballero was wincing in pain as Manchester City took on West Ham at Etihad Stadium.

The game, which saw Man City head to the top of the table after a 3-1 victory, had eagle-eyed viewers wondering what Hart was laughing about while looking down at the cup he was holding…

Joe hart gutted he's on the bench! 😂😂😂

— Danny green (@dannygreen_7) August 28, 2016

People were asking one important question:

Why is Joe Hart laughing?

— Deji Kofi Faremi (@deejayfaremi) August 28, 2016

Some put it down to poor camera timing:

Camera cuts to Joe Hart laughing after Caballero is down on the ground injured haha

— Aaron Palmer (@thatpalmerguy) August 28, 2016

Joe Hart seems to be laughing on the bench while Caballero winces in pain from that recent challenge? Poor camera timing? Probably. #MCFC

— Ricky J. Marc (@RickyJMarc) August 28, 2016

But some were convinced it had something to do with Caballero’s injury:

Joe Hart's face when he sees Willy Caballero down and looking injured.

— Squawka News (@SquawkaNews) August 28, 2016

Joe Hart laughing at Caballero getting injured😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #lad

— luke (@luke__bfc) August 28, 2016

Joe Hart laughing at Caballero LMAO!

— The System (@BarcaSystem) August 28, 2016

#MCFC substitute goalkeeper #JoeHart sips a drink as No. 1 'keeper Willy Caballero receives treatment for an injury.

— Propaganda (@propagandaphoto) August 28, 2016

Although someone had an alternate explanation:

@woyonp Don't think that's what he was laughing at. He was chatting with a guy on the bench.

— Joe Hart (@ThatchersElbow) August 28, 2016

To be honest, we can’t really be sure what made Hart laugh in that very moment but there’s a possibility it could have been nothing to do with what was happening on the pitch.