The job market in the U.S. looks favorable for recent college graduates, but employers are worried that young professionals may not be well-prepared for the real world. According to the website Career Builder, which tracks the American job market, 67 percent of employers plan to hire recent college graduates this year, and 27 percent of employers will be hiring grads for positions with annual salaries of at least $50,000. Career Builder said the improving economy and an expected rise in retirements by baby boomers are generating demand for young professionals. But a survey of 2,186 private sector hiring officers and human resources professionals conducted for Career Builder found concern that college graduates may be ill-prepared for real-life situations. Many of the hiring professionals polled said colleges emphasize book learning over real-world experiences, usually gained through internships. They also said that today’s jobs are more complex and that the academic environment is not catching up with rapidly changing technology. While business, computer science and engineering majors topped the list of most sought-after workers, biological sciences, architecture and education ranked the lowest. Career Builder's advice to graduates looking for jobs included suggestions to follow companies they like on social media and engage with them, and to start blogs related to their career interests.