Viewers loved the David Bowie round on University Challenge, but they weren’t as impressed with host Jeremy Paxman’s pronunciation of the late star’s name.

The contestants, from Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Birmingham, had to listen to some of the chart-topper’s music and name the album it came from.

David Bowie (Yui Mok/PA)

At home, fans were loving it.

Tough day in work there. Just smashed the David Bowie round on University challenge though so. #UniversityChallenge

— Chris Goldson (@Chrisgoldson90) September 26, 2016

RAH! "Name the David Bowie album" for the music round. That ought to be a permanent feature. #UniversityChallenge

— Steve. (@stevebollig) September 26, 2016

Bless The Lord for a Bowie round! #universitychallenge

— Amelia Jane (@wholockonmars) September 26, 2016

However, the fact that some of the contestants didn’t know the answers and sat there umming and ahhing was met with a few sneers.

I love #UniversityChallenge, but them not knowing David Bowie's albums has broken me. YOU ARE STUDENTS, THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW.

— Mazzy K (@MazzyK) September 26, 2016

Screaming at the TV on this Bowie themed Music Round. You know nothing, Queen's Belfast! #UniversityChallenge

— John Parkinson (@johnparkinson) September 26, 2016

These people not knowing their David Bowie is making me very stressed #UniversityChallenge

— Pete Galey (@petegaley) September 26, 2016

Kids need a musical education.#Bowie#UniversityChallenge

— It Must Be Me (@GavinWenborn) September 26, 2016

But that paled in comparison to the way Jeremy said Bowie’s name.

Hey, Paxman, it's not bou-ie, it's bōw-ie: #UniversityChallenge #Bowie

— Robert Shaw (@hungoverdrawn) September 26, 2016

Paxman says "bough-ie" #fail #UniversityChallenge

— jack murphy (@jckmrphy) September 26, 2016

How dare Paxman mispronounce Bowie! 😠#UniversityChallenge

— Kat (@KatCaptain1) September 26, 2016

Ere, Paxman love, it's Bowie, not Bowie #UniversityChallenge

— Miss Spent-Yoof (@miss_spent_yoof) September 26, 2016

PAXO DROPPED THE B-BOMB! #UniversityChallenge How many times? 'Bowie' rhymes with 'snowy'.

— Simon Price (@simon_price01) September 26, 2016

Better brush up on that one for next time Jeremy!