There are a number of pre-game drinks and meals you might associate with a footballer. Pasta, fish, a nice glass of water perhaps? Not for Jamie Vardy.

The England striker fired Leicester City to their remarkable title last season, and broke into the England team in what was an incredible year for the former Fleetwood forward.

And in his new autobiography, Jamie Vardy: From Nowhere, My Story, which is being serialised by The Sun, Vardy revealed one of his pre-match rituals from his incredible season – port.

(Nigel French/PA)

“I can’t say why it started, because I genuinely don’t know,” said Vardy, “but I decided to drink a glass of port on the eve of every game in the 2015/16 season.”

“I’m not normally superstitious but from the moment I scored against Sunderland on the opening day, I didn’t want to change anything,” he continued.

“I fill a small plastic water or Lucozade bottle to halfway and just sip the port while watching television. It tastes like Ribena to me, and it helps me switch off and get to sleep a bit easier the night before a game.”

2 weeks to go until my autobiography is out. You can pre-order it now! #vardybook

— Jamie Vardy (@vardy7) September 22, 2016

It all sounds a bit odd to us, but then he did score 24 Premier League goals and win arguably the most remarkable League title in English football history, so what do we know?