Strictly Come Dancing might be known as one of the warmest, fuzziest shows on the box, but there’s one man who still manages to stir up trouble for the programme – former pro dancer James Jordan.

Outspoken James last took part in the BBC One contest in 2013, but he and wife Ola, also one of the show’s ex-dancers, have a long history with Strictly.

Ola and James Jordan when they still worked on Strictly (Ian West/PA)

When he left the cast of professionals, James didn’t hold back with his scathing views on how things were being run behind the scenes, and despite not being involved any more he can still regularly be found grinding his axe via Twitter.

Tonight’s launch show was no exception – here are the edited highlights from the keyboard of Mr Jordan. James was pleased to see the pros featured heavily at the start of the programme, but then it went a bit sour.

And that's why Ballroom and Latin dancers shouldn't do hip hop 😂
They are ALL so much better than that…..

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

He’s also not a fan of the matching couples format.

This is the bit which we all always felt is like a tacky dating show 🙈

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

He wondered whether some matchmaking was going on between Laura Whitmore and Georgia May Foote’s ex Giovanni Pernice.

Laura and Giovanni
Predictable since he is now single

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

One of his regular complaints is claims of favouritism on the programme.

Tweeps..Did anyone notice some pro's ALWAYS get celebs that have had loads of dance training
Not fair on other pro's
Not been challenged

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

He wasn’t too sure about some of the new dancers.

Great job pro's.. That's a lot of champions.
That new guy is way too good looking and looked like a great dancer 😡 I don't like him already

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

I have shoes that look older than AJ
Really showing my age….. 🙊
They will also be in the final with Kevin and Louise

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

And he thought some pairings were too predictable.

OMG do they ever think outside the box!!!
Lesley and Anton….. I'm sure they will be hilarious together but come on

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

Here comes that suggestion of favouritism again – Kevin Clifton, his wife Karen and sister Joanne are all on the show as pro dancers.

Ore is smashing it…..
Could have 3 Clifton's in the final
The producers have been trying for years to get one of them to win#fact

— James Jordan (@The_JamesJordan) September 3, 2016

Tune back in for more from James Jordan when Strictly resumes in three weeks.