Oooh it’s a tough choice. Aidan Turner or Rufus Sewell?

Yes it seems Rufus’s turn as Lord Melbourne in ITV’s Victoria is giving Poldark star Aidan a run for his money in the female fan stakes.

So while we might have assumed that most women were turning into the BBC in the hope of glimpsing Aidan’s six-pack, it seems that isn’t the case. Plenty opted to see Rufus work his charms instead.

Having to choose between Aidan Turner and Rufus Sewell at 9pm. Heartbreaking. 💔 #Poldark #Victoria

— Lucy Vaughan (@Urban_Goose) September 4, 2016

Happy Poldark day….. Sorry Rufus Sewell, you're being bumped today for Aidan Turner…..

— Amy Johanna Black (@AmyJohanna85) September 4, 2016

I left the #Poldark #Victoria decision to my loins, and they chose Rufus Sewell

— Becky Simpson (@Beckssim) September 4, 2016

Sorry but Rufus Sewell as Lord M will trump #Poldark every day of the week for me. #VictoriaITV

— Shirls (@holmfirthartist) September 4, 2016

Aiden Turner vs Rufus Sewell. The Sunday night ratings war is really quite spectacular. #Poldark #Victoria #ItvVictoria

— Natasha Akhtar (@Natasha_Akhtar) September 4, 2016

Screw Poldark. My crush on Rufus Sewell in any period drama will never, ever die so Victoria wins.

— Colleen (@thecolleencg) September 4, 2016

But then, who really has to choose? Plus one people, plus one.

Double totty TV tonight – first Aidan Turner as #poldark, then #victoria on +1 to catch a glimpse of Rufus Sewell too.

— Jenine Davey (@jdavey_) September 4, 2016

@doesmybumlook40 @roogreen actually I'm watching Victoria and saving Poldark for tomorrow. Because, Rufus Sewell.

— Sarah Richards (@mrssarahrichard) September 4, 2016

Recording #Poldark and watching #Victoria. Because Rufus Sewell… 😉😀😍

— Christina Taylor (@Chrissie72) September 4, 2016