Honey Mitchell unleashed her anger at Billy Mitchell as she threw him and adopted son Jay out of their house in Tuesday night’s episode of EastEnders.

After finding a packet of cocaine in her house, Honey (Emma Barton) confronted Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and Billy (Perry Fenwick) and discovered not only was Jay taking the drug but dealing it too – and Billy knew all about it.

Is this the end for Billy and Honey? #EastEnders https://t.co/mMSkbaRpZf

— BBC EastEnders (@bbceastenders) August 23, 2016

It actually all started very gently with Honey suggesting they all had a cup of tea.

Honey thinks Jay is taking coke and she legit said she's gonna put the kettle on. I thought that was just an urban legend #EastEnders

— . (@MikiNotMinnie) August 23, 2016

Honey holding an intervention for Jay haha! She's too nice & innocent doh! #EastEnders

— George W.W (@GW_78) August 23, 2016

Honey is like that headteacher in school who's trying to be patient whilst really sussing out the student so she can explode #EastEnders

— KingⓂ (@MadZz_98) August 23, 2016

And she did explode when she realised Billy was lying to her about not knowing Jay was dealing.

Her decision to get tough and kick the two out was welcomed by fans.

Honey is one of the few decent people left in #EastEnders. Don't know what she's doing with Billy who's well out of her league.

— Laurence Davidson (@larry040667) August 23, 2016

Good on Honey in #eastenders. They originally had her as a bimbo. Now she obviously isn't.

— Graeme Robertson (@cobaltmale) August 23, 2016


— char✨ || Sam♡ (@RacksHeart) August 23, 2016

Wow, Honey's never been that forceful before #eastenders

— Zoe Welch (@ZoeWelch1) August 23, 2016

Honey is my spirit animal #EastEnders

— G and A forever (@GeorgeAndAmber) August 23, 2016

As well as turning on Billy, Honey went straight to the source of the drugs: Roxy Mitchell (played by Rita Simons).

Fans were soon predicting that there could be a romance between Honey and Roxy’s sister’s boyfriend Jack Branning.

You could put that on a t-shirt.
Sure Ian could flog a few. #EastEnders pic.twitter.com/HaVaKybWoX

— BBC EastEnders (@bbceastenders) August 23, 2016

Jack, played by Scott Maslen, provided a shoulder to cry on for Honey recently and it seemed like she was open to returning.

Of course, there’s the slight hitch that he’s now engaged to Ronnie.

@EmmaBarton you were brilliant on tonight's @bbceastenders when will Billy ever learn? #EastEnders I think Honey & Jack might get together

— Matt Whitehead (@MattyWh16) August 23, 2016

 EastEnders returns on BBC One on Thursday at 7.30pm.