Off to Ibiza this summer? Yup, we thought so. The hottest place to get your holiday on, Ibiza is THE party destination du jour. And what do you need when you’re going from the beach straight to the club? Awesome beauty looks, that’s what.

Not sure how to nail it? Georgetown is here to show you the easiest beach braid, the coolest way to work coloured mascara, and the poolside cocktail to getting your groove on in Pacha beauty look you can nail in literally five seconds. Check out the vid above or follow the super simple steps below.
Hairline Braid
The most discreet braid trend ever, we’re totally obsessed with this cute little cornrow that lies across your natural parting. And the celebs are fans too, with Cara and Emma Roberts both working the look for the red carpet. Snazzy.
1. Side part your hair.
2. Separate an inch wide section along your parting starting at your crown and ending at your forehead and down the side of your head as well.
3. Plait starting at the crown, weaving hair outwards instead of in to create a cornrow style braid. Plait forwards and turn the corner down the side of your head.

4. Plait down to the end of your hair and tie with a clear elastic.

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Mismatched Coloured Mascara
Sounds like a horror story from the noughties but coloured mascara is totally back. If YSL are doing it, then we’re doing it, natch.

1. Apply blue mascara on top lashes.

2. Apply pink mascara or another bright colour on bottom lashes to open up your eyes.

Face Lace
The easiest way to instantly up your makeup game for the club, we’re massive fans of scrapping the fussy eye makeup and using these awesome holographic stickers instead.
1. Choose your favourite design.

2. Peel off and press on to your skin. Try down your cheekbone or above your eyebrow.

3. It’s that easy!