Channel 4′s reality show Hunted, where 10 contestants go on the run for 28 days to evade capture from professional “hunters”, forced us to ask ourselves some serious questions tonight.

What would you be prepared to give up in order to win a share of £100,000? Reckon you’d be able to give up going out for a curry?

Because it seems contestants Jeremy and Kirk couldn’t.

That wasn't your only mistake Kirk but it was a big one #Hunted

— Hunted HQ (@Hunted_HQ) September 29, 2016

Yep, these two, who are both ex-military FYI, decided to eat in a restaurant in the middle of Blackpool…while on the run.

(Colin Hutton / Channel 4 Television)

The idea is to stay off to radar, and not to be seen. Not go into a town for a curry! #Hunted

— JJ (@josh_jacko1) September 29, 2016

"I don't recommend eating in a restaurant while on the run"
*makes a note* #Hunted

— rebecca (@MsNaughtyCheese) September 29, 2016

In hindsight the curry was a bad idea. #Hunted

— Rob Brown (@RB256) September 29, 2016

The military guys were caught first whilst the househusband is still sat in the forest with his saucepan making a coffee 😂👏🏼 #Hunted

— Stacey (@staceybrewski1) September 29, 2016

First lesson learnt from #Hunted when on the run don't use your phone and don't go to a restaurant for dinner. Never would have guessed!

— Alan Wilson (@titch1579) September 29, 2016

The visit to the restaurant wasn’t their only mistake either…and they were caught by the “hunters” soon enough.

Hmm Was it the phone calls, the clues on the laptop, eating in a curry house or dying our hair bright yellow that got us caught? #Hunted

— neil forbes (@neilforbessoul) September 29, 2016

At least it gave the curry house some good coverage.

#Hunted Its good advertising for Mr Basrai's curry house aint it.

— Dave ♿️ (@DaveyBoi73) September 29, 2016

Mr Basri's is going to get an amazing review on tripadvisor. Top notch service!

— Graham Love (@GLove39) September 29, 2016

Meanwhile, another fugitive – Mikaela – went waterskiing while on the run. Because why wouldn’t you?

Are they waterskiing haha?? #Hunted

— CraigVille (@CraigJOsborne) September 29, 2016

Waterskiing? Seriously? You're not James Bond, Mikaela #Hunted

— Hunted HQ (@Hunted_HQ) September 29, 2016

Mad they caught the ex army men first yet Hamish and mikaela are waterskiing in Buckinghamshire 😭😭😂 #Hunted

— Grace Gardner (@Gracegardner_xo) September 29, 2016

Love how some of them are bricking it in remote areas, yet these two are out water skiing Haahahaha #hunted

— b (@BDLY8) September 29, 2016

Viewers were then left very confused when later on, after her and Hamish were also captured, Mikaela was back in the water once again.

I'm going to spend the rest of my evening watching this on repeat. #Hunted

— Hunted HQ (@Hunted_HQ) September 29, 2016

This time she was jumping in a canal…after she got caught. Erm…

"Please don't jump into the canal!"
"She's jumped into the canal"

— Michael (@m_mason238) September 29, 2016

"Please do not jump in the canal!" *plop* 😂 #Hunted

— Reece (@BasslineKlopp) September 29, 2016

Haha in the canal always a great escape. #Hunted

— mhairi (@MhairiMcGuire) September 29, 2016

Loooool she jumped in the canal after she was already caught😂😂😂 #hunted

— Charlie Holt (@charlieholt91) September 29, 2016

Jumping in the canal was pure masterpiece #deservedtobecaught #hunted #qualitytv @Channel4

— Joe Simmonds (@joesimmo85) September 29, 2016

hahahahahaha. What a capture that was. Massive well done to Amy and Neil! We are doing a great job tonight! #TeamHunter #Hunted

— Nicola Thorn (@ThornyNic) September 29, 2016

Well, at least now we’ve definitely got some tips for what we probably wouldn’t do if we went on the run…as much as we like curry.