Eyes peeled, TV viewers – Hunted is back.

Channel 4 has launched series two of the reality show that sees a group of contestants attempt to stay completely off radar for 28 days, while a team of professional “hunters” try to catch them.

This year’s Hunted contestants (Channel 4)

This time, there’s a cash prize on offer of a share of £100,000 for those who make it all the way to the end, so competition is fierce…or is it?

Nick Cummings kept viewers entertained (Channel 4)

Househusband Nick Cummings baffled viewers with his policy of cycling everywhere, carrying a huge bag, and being painfully polite to everyone who crossed his path.

😂😂😂 this Nick guy. The real Jason Bourne. #Hunted

— James Gunn (@The_Gunn_Man) September 22, 2016

Nick is about to be either the worst or best #Hunted contestant ever.

— Nigel Haworth (@nth09) September 22, 2016

Nick’s tactics got even better when it turned out his bag harboured a series of cunning disguises – including a luminous, high-vis jacket which he wasted no time in donning as the hunters closed in on him.

Nick your meant to be hiding FFS 😂 #HUNTED

— Knighty (@LeonKnight_) September 22, 2016

Nothing says don't see me I'm trying to keep myself from being seen like a high vis jacket 😂#Hunted #channel4

— Hannah McKillion (@LittleBird105) September 22, 2016

But while for a second it looked like Nick may be the quickest ever capture, his odd game plan turned to his advantage when he got lost on his bike, managing to evade the hunters in the process.

Nick getting lost and inadvertently escaping an early capture. Love him already #Hunted

— Ryan Love (@RyanJL) September 22, 2016