Whether you’re obsessed with Pokemon Go or not (although how are you not just dying to collect like 200 Magikarp candies so it evolves into a badass Gyarados?), there’s no denying the cute critters are inevitably going to be our next fancy dress costume of choice. But let’s be honest, a Pikachu onesie is just a bit 2008 student doing their weekly Sainos shop for our chic costume standards. The solution? Pokemon inspired eye makeup of course!
From Ash’s best bud Pikachu (paving the way for an AW16-esque low blush) to everyone’s fave moody cutie Jigglypuff, and the sassiest purple smokey eye inspired by Ghastly, we’ve got the best Pokemon eye makeup looks for getting your geek chic on.
How to do it? Check out Georgetown’s awesome vid above, or follow the steps below:
1. Apply bright yellow eyeshadow across your lid.

2. Use black liquid liner across your eyelid then sketch out his cute lightning bolt tail and fill in.

3. Pop a dot of red in the middle of your lower lash line to look like his little red cheeks.

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1. Take pastel blue liquid liner and colour in your lid. Leave to dry.
2. Apply white liquid liner on top in a rounded line. Leave to dry again.

3. Draw pink liquid liner on top of this in a rounded bubble shape. You guessed it, leave to dry!
4. Accessorise with a marker pen.

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1. Blend black matte eyeshadow across your eyelid.

2. Apply purple cream eyeshadow on top and buff in.

3. Blend in purple glitter eyeshadow on top of this and blend out with a brush.

4. Apply lashings of mascara and black pencil eyeliner across your waterline.

And you’re done! Choose your fave or try the whole lot, as they say, you ‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’