It’s summer, or at least we’re being told it is, and that means one thing – sunburn. Is there anyting worse than having a great weekend in the sun and going to work the next day just to have your 'well-meaning' colleagues casually start calling your Rudolph? Answer – no.

You can put on all the factor 50 you like, wear a ginormous hat and stay in the shade but inevitably our inner Brit will win out and burning will occur.
From a burnt nose and strap marks to dodgy panda eyes from those new sunglasses you splurged on, it’s just a little bit embarrassing. We're trying to enjoy the weather (while it's here for 15 minutes, are we right?) and what's our reward for cracking out a jug of Pimms and our new Bardot off the shoulder top? Sunburn. Just great.
But never fear! Georgetown is here to show you the tips and tricks you need to know for covering up sunburn in two seconds.
The Awkward Red Nose

1. Take a green colour corrector and cover any red areas. Do this before concealer to neutralise the red.

2. Apply concealer on top and blend down the sides of your nose.

3. Sweep a matte bronzer across the bridge of your nose and cheeks to fake a healthy glow!

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Strap Marks

1. Apply instant tan to a Beauty Blender or regular sponge.

2. Dab onto the white strap marks and blend to fill in the gaps.

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Panda Eyes

1. Add liquid bronzer to your usual foundation to take it a shade or two darker.

2. Blend into the white areas around your eyes and out to the rest of your face.

3. Finish with bronze eyeshadow to up your faux glow.