Everyone was thrilled on Monday as Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were back on This Morning.

After their summer break, the presenting duo returned to the sofa as fresh-faced and full of banter as ever.

Fans were delighted and took to Twitter to welcome Holly and Phil back to the popular ITV daytime show.

So great to see @hollywills @Schofe back I've missed them and their funny little ways 👍🏻😊 #thismorning

— Mitchell WEBB (@MitchellWebb85) September 5, 2016

I want to be @hollywills and @Schofe friend, they are the best! #thismorning

— Lauren Heap (@laurenheapx) September 5, 2016

OMG @hollywills: just back and already her first gaffe! "I'd like a bit of that!" @thismorning https://t.co/M2q8bl0czU 😂😂😂 #ThisMorning

— Jeremy Skyrme (@DrSkyrme) September 5, 2016

I've missed Phil & Holly #thismorning

— Eileen Morgan (@MrsEileenMorgan) September 5, 2016

luuuuvly jubbbbbly having @hollywills & @Schofe back on the tv screeeeen 🖥 #thismorning

— India Phillips (@Indi_Phillips) September 5, 2016

@Schofe is already loving life! #thismorning pic.twitter.com/Xpfb9t6r9A

— Louise Winter (@LouiseWinter30) September 5, 2016

Boy have I missed that smile! @hollywills 😀 #ThisMorning

— Holly Lover (@HollyWillsLover) September 5, 2016

Turning over to This Morning just because Holly and Phillip are back! Happy girl 🙂 Missed you guys! @hollywills @Schofe #ThisMorning

— Demi (@Demihomewood98) September 5, 2016

Holly looking as nice as ever 😜😜😜 #ThisMorning

— TV REALITY (@Tv_reality93) September 5, 2016

However, getting fans even more excited was the arrival of a brand new – and super-cute beyond words – puppy with a purpose.

Holly and Phil were delighted with their fluffy new addition, who is taking over from where their previous guide dog puppy, Clover, left off, after she graduated earlier in summer.

“We got very used to having a resident guide dog puppy, so it seemed only right that we introduce our latest addition to the family … neither of us have seen her yet! This is the first time,” Phillip announced, as they met their new pet.

Awwwwwww! Totally scrumptious new member of the team! #puppywithapurpose xxx

A photo posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on

Holly gushed: “Oh, look at her, she’s just eyes and fluff!

“This is our new puppy with a purpose. She’s a 10-week-old Labradoodle and is actually Clover’s half-sister and will hopefully also become a guide dog as well.”

They spent a while coming up with names for her, and viewers on Twitter went to town coming up with names beginning with L for her.

🐶❤ #nameourpup #thismorning @thismorning @hollywills @TM_Puppy

— Caroline McHugh (@Caramcq) September 5, 2016

#thismorning I think the dog should be called luna after Luna from harry potter same hair colour etc #littlelovleyluna

— mark collins (@sparky12311) September 5, 2016

Liesel, Lucky, Lyra, Lexus, Lotti #NameOurPup #thismorning @thismorning

— Nicole (@nikkimcg2515) September 5, 2016

#thismorning how about Lupin for the gorgeous puppy?

— Leanne Fletcher (@Leanne_Fletcher) September 5, 2016

Lacey for the cute new puppy ❤️🐶 #ThisMorning @thismorning

— Megan Moore (@itz_meggy_moo19) September 5, 2016

#thismorning the new puppy should be called

— zoe wright (@bittypoo13) September 5, 2016

Archie watching the puppy on #thismorning! I think it should be Lily or Lola! @thismorning @hollywills @Schofe pic.twitter.com/xXYgfWp02A

— Rhi Rhi (@RhiannaGarbett) September 5, 2016

Name the puppy LOLA #thismorning

— AC (@Cardwell1992) September 5, 2016

And people were loving how cute the little lady is.

Holly and Phillips reaction to the new puppy 😂😍 #thismorning

— Emma Garland (@EmmaGaaaland) September 5, 2016

YESSSSS Phil & Holly back on Monday @rbccstl @itvthismorning

— amz (@AmyCrawford_) September 2, 2016

aaawww so cutie puppy #thismorning

— ken (@sammie665) September 5, 2016

The new puppy loves Phil #ThisMorning😂

— angie thomson (@hedgegirl) September 5, 2016

They eventually plumped for the name Luna, because she’s the colour of the moon.

And it's decided! Welcome to This Morning, LUNA! 😍🌕 @TM_Puppy #NameOurPup pic.twitter.com/6bbQqlKJU0

— This Morning (@thismorning) September 5, 2016

Welcome back, guys – and welcome to the This Morning family, Luna!

Meet Luna! 🌙 xxx

A photo posted by Holly Willoughby (@hollywilloughby) on