We all love a BBC nature documentary, so what better programme to snuggle down with on a Thursday night than Ingenious Animals.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall met a falcon (BBC)

Viewers couldn’t wait to see all those beautiful creatures and find out about the amazing things they can do.

#ingeniousanimals WOW!! What an amazing view from the back of an eagle.

— Angela Whyte (@MissW45) September 22, 2016

I love this programme so much! We are so fortunate to share our planet with these #ingeniousanimals!! Now, show me the #sloths!! 🙌🌍❤️

— Rachel Gwynn (@RachelGwynn) September 22, 2016

Absolutely love nature documentaries, animals in their natural habitat are fascinating 🐘🐋🐊 #ingeniousanimals

— Miss JLP (@jessperks_pgce) September 22, 2016

Uh oh, cute alert ! Right now #ingeniousanimals on @bbcone. Gorgeous and amazing #sloths coming up, also #hippos !

— kate robinson (@kateandclaudius) September 22, 2016

Hang on, did someone say…hippos?

Umm, sorry to break it to you, but the hippos’ talent may not exactly be what you’d term “cute”. Spoiler alert: the presenter labelled them “nature’s natural lawnmowers and fertilisers”.

Thursday nights on BBC1 aren't what they used to be. #IngeniousAnimals pic.twitter.com/eOE6rBaPSQ

— Mick Convey (@nalaknip) September 22, 2016

A serious case of DIARRHEA and a BACKWARD PENIS make hippos the perfect fertiliser spreaders! #WhenPoopHitsTheFan #IngeniousAnimals 💩💩💩 pic.twitter.com/oZy4LSxplT

— Patrick Aryee (@PatrickAryee) September 22, 2016

Watching a hippo having an episode of explosive diarrhea. Nothing unusual. #IngeniousAnimals

— Jamie K. Murray (@jamiekmurray) September 22, 2016

It's all v fascinating knowing hippos feed for 7 hrs straight but do we need a graphic illustration of outputs #IngeniousAnimals #IAmEating

— Peter Vlahos (@sohalv_retep) September 22, 2016

Although if a cute fix is what you’re after, tree kangaroos seem to be the way to go.

A domesticated tree kangaroo (BBC)

One woman in Australia was even playing mum to one of the marsupials, letting it sleep in her bed and sharing breakfast with it.

I didn't even know tree kangaroos existed! #IngeniousAnimals pic.twitter.com/vLMdwxmjSR

— Commute Club (@CommuteClub) September 22, 2016

Tree Kangaroos are great, I wish I'd discovered them before now #IngeniousAnimals

— Joshua Sodergren (@Soderg97) September 22, 2016

Tree Kangaroos are awesome and I want one #IngeniousAnimals pic.twitter.com/9z92p0nVk3

— Ed Ludlow (@EdLudlow) September 22, 2016

We also got to see the ever-popular sloth – and again, people totally bypassed the wild animal thing to daydream about how great it would be to keep one as a pet.

I really really really want a pet sloth now😭😭 RT @BBCOne: Brb – off to go live with sloths. ☺️ #IngeniousAnimals pic.twitter.com/n1pkhGyKjP

— мa∂ιηa.♥ (@Dinaaa_x3) September 22, 2016

Fair enough, they are lovely though.

The Ingenious Animals sloth (BBC)

Gotta love a sloth #IngeniousAnimals 😊

— becky tomkins (@tomkins_becky) September 22, 2016

How happy is this sloth?#sloth #IngeniousAnimals #happy #smile pic.twitter.com/Xf2pEf33Pr

— pʎoll unɐɥs (@shaunll0001) September 22, 2016

😍Sloth with a lovely smile 😊…BBC1 #IngeniousAnimals

— liz horton (@niaga_hijau) September 22, 2016