Poor Louis Walsh clearly isn’t cut out for the Six Chair Challenge – the man can’t say no to anyone.

Tasked with mentoring the groups this year, the smiling judge clapped, nodded and saw potential in pretty much everyone who took to the stage.

Louis doled out the seats left, right and centre until, within just a few minutes, all the slots were filled.

His apparent inability to deny anybody a chair had Twitter in fits, and prompted some hilarious tweets and memes.

#Xfactor Louis coming like 'you get a seat, you get a seat, everyone gets a seat' pic.twitter.com/lGd3PZR0O2

— fliss (@MissFellii) September 25, 2016

Louis giving out seats quicker than an IKEA sale. #XFactor

— theironicbitch (@JordanJacob01) September 25, 2016

Louis's category. #XFactor pic.twitter.com/KToV1UYmRH

— shane telford. (@MrShaneTelford) September 25, 2016

Louis to every awful band #XFactor pic.twitter.com/FDJvs8gza1

— Brady Newstead (@bradynewstead) September 25, 2016

Louis to every awful group: I think your a star. ✌🏽️ pic.twitter.com/oiP7oLuaPQ

— Alex Phillips (@ItsAlexOkay_) September 25, 2016

Louis better get himself to ikea.. mans gonna need more chairs 😂😂😭 #XFactor

— Aaron Bumby (@Aaron_Bumby) September 25, 2016

It was so much fun seeing Louis try to cut his acts to six, we can’t wait to see his struggles at Judges’ Houses.