After Liverpool’s 0-0 draw against Manchester United, viewers were left unimpressed by the lack of quality and entertainment as the sides laboured for a solitary point each.

After an evening wasted watching the game then, you’d have been forgiven for wondering what you could have better spent your time on.

Watching paint dry perhaps? Sure, not the roller coaster ride that, say, a roller coaster provides, but a consistent level of entertainment at least.

(Alessandra Tarantino/AP)

What about 90 minutes spent queueing at the Post Office? You’d stand a better chance of seeing some decent deliveries.

Ah, a lovely walk. Use the time to gather your thoughts. Thoughts such as: why did I spend two hours of my life watching 22 men kick a ball up and down the pitch?

(David Goldman/AP)

For once we would have welcomed a few advert breaks, like this Christmas effort from John Lewis. Any good football up there on the moon, moon man?

(John Lewis/PA Images)

Hey! Stop playing football on that grass, we’re trying to watch it grow.

(Dave Howarth/PA)

An episode of Bargain Hunt would have been tantamount to a day at the funfair after that pathetic excuse for a football match.

(BBC/PA Images)

And last but not least, a night at a Coldplay concert. We’re sorry Coldplay, you’re not that bad. You’re basically the Beatles in comparison to that Liverpool v United game.

(Michael Zorn/AP)

But for some reason we can’t explain, we know we’ll watch Mourinho again.