The Ballon d’Or is a celebration of the best talent in football – or, if you believe Twitter, some of the sport’s most over-rated players.

Twitter hero Jonny Gabriel has assembled a collection of tweets in which each and every Ballon d'or nominee is labelled a “fraud” by some Twitter user or other.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2016 #ballondor nominees.

— Jonny Gabriel (@JonnyGabriel) October 24, 2016

It all goes to show that it doesn’t matter who you are or how good at football you may be, someone on Twitter definitely thinks you’re rubbish.

The Ballon d’Or is back in its original form this year having ended a six-year association with Fifa.

Among the nominees are Leicester’s Jamie Vardy – the only Englishman on the list – and Riyad Mahrez, as well as a number of other Premier League players including Kevin de Bruyne, Hugo Lloris, Paul Pogba and Sergio Aguero.

Naturally though Twitter was more focused on those who weren’t nominated.

Buffon, Neuer, Lloris, Rui Patricio all included in the 30 Ballon D'Or nominees but there's no room for De Gea. This some kind of sick joke?

— Nik Postinger (@nikpostinger) October 24, 2016

When a Fraud like Ramos got nominated for Ballon D'or but Piqué, Bonnuci and Boateng didn't get nominated.

— Víaan. (@Iniestalogy) October 24, 2016

No Kante or Ozil nominated in the Ballon d'Or for this year, but Paul Poga made it.
Bloody disgrace.

— Özil Nation (@OzilNation) October 24, 2016

We reckon it’s a pretty good list to be honest.