Halle Berry hasn't been on our screens much of late but that could be about to change as she's popping up in a low budget b-movie. Is she the next Liam Neeson or Nicolas Cage or John Travolta?

Here's Kidnap.

While the setup certainly has an emotional energy it still looks like an impressively silly picture, from the dialogue to the exchanges and the completely over the top vehicular carnage.

This is a lady who seems to kill a lot of people in pursuit of getting her child back, which might not be the best message to be sending to audiences. Still it's pretty obvious in that high impact title and the rather low rent feel that this is supposed to be a slice of entertainment rather than a high stakes drama.

There isn't a single other recognisable star in the film (no surprise there) and the script comes from a former Jackass camera operate called Knate Lee. Spanish guy Luis Prieto is at the helm.

Kidnap is out in December 2016.