As the race was on to save kidnapped Georgie Lane, viewers could not believe how gorgeous Michelle Keegan looked, despite being covered in dirt and locked in a cell.

The former soap star, who is married to reality hunk Mark Wright, was successfully rescued by her former flame during the nail-biting episode of Our Girl.

(Coco Van Oppens/BBC)

She may have had cuts all over her face, but fans still thought Michelle was a stunner.

As for Michele Keegan she looks way better than me after being kidnapped than when I do spending hours getting ready #OurGirl

— Tracey (@xTJSx) September 14, 2016

How can Michelle Keegan be held hostage and still look unreal 🔥 #ourgirl

— Katy White (@_katywhite) September 14, 2016

Loving tonight eps of our girl!! Great acting from @michkeegan she looks stunning even if she just got kidnapped lol 😊😂 #OurGirl

— Nathan (@BoyMixer1997) September 14, 2016

how does michelle keegan still look beaut even though she's supposed to of been kidnapped and starved #OurGirl

— ✧゚⋆.✧* (@goawayamy) September 14, 2016

.@michkeegan covered in dirt and scratches and she's still 10/10 beautiful #OurGirl

— Drew Grant (@Drewsy_) September 14, 2016

How does she still look flawless 😍 @michkeegan #ourgirl

— Abbie Beer (@Abbie_Harvey) September 14, 2016

How does Michelle still look pretty #OurGirl

— annie👼🏼 (@MacSanderson) September 14, 2016

@michkeegan still looks stunning with all her cuts and bruises😂😍 #OurGirl

— Jessica Jackson (@JessJackson94) September 14, 2016

@michkeegan looks so so beautiful on Our Girl! 😍😍😍 #OurGirl #BBCONE

— Priyanka (@priyaa_xo) September 14, 2016

She is so pretty, even when bloody kidnapped! #ourgirl

— Madame Disco (@babylovedisco39) September 14, 2016

@michkeegan watching #ourgirl for first time, I am gripped. And michelle still looks stunning in a dirty cell xxx

— Mrs louise Brown (@brodysmam09) September 14, 2016

But while Michelle may have looked gorgeous, fans still could not take the tension.

Myself and the housemates watching #OurGirl like…

— Sarah Doran (@sarahisnothere) September 14, 2016

@michkeegan my daughter & I taking it in turns to poke heads out from cushions! #suspence #OurGirl

— Jacquie Yeoman (@Jacqyeo19) September 14, 2016

This is so tense I'm hiding behind my blanket @michkeegan @BBCOne #OurGirl

— Naomi Grace (@nayjaneg) September 14, 2016

If your heart isn't racing like mad, then you obviously aren't watching #OurGirl

— Lois Payne (@__LoisA) September 14, 2016

im going need a medic myself by the time #OurGirl finishes

— luce❁ (@Luciejaneowen) September 14, 2016

Our Girl returns on BBC1 next Wednesday at 9pm.