As the Great British Bake Off contestants got to grip with Yorkshire puddings, pancakes and churros, a great debate broke out on Twitter.

Does cooking with batter really count as baking?

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry judged the first batter week (Mark Bourdillon/BBC)

With two challenges involving frying rather than baking, viewers were not convinced batter week was a winner.

Technical point. Are pancakes 'baking.' ? Isn't it actually frying? #GBBO

— Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran) September 14, 2016

@katebarmby don't worry Kate. Pancakes and Churros weren't 'baking' anyway 😋😉 & your bread was amazing 🍞👍🏻 #GBBO

— Ross Penstone-Smith (@rpenstonesmith) September 14, 2016

Surely pancakes cooked in a deep fat fryer do not constitute 'baking' in anyone's book? Baking involves dry heat cooking not oil. #gbbo

— Sporting Nest (@SportingNest) September 14, 2016

Zero baking. Even Yorkshire puddings are essentially fried in the oven. Guess we should get use to them messing with the format now 😥 #GBBO

— Jo Duckworth (@jojoduckworth) September 14, 2016

@richardosman Two of them were frying challenges… in a baking competition?!! #GBBO

— Chrissie Downing (@tvshowgirl) September 14, 2016

Controversial…but is batter baking? #gbbo

— Ally (@Wicko73) September 14, 2016

@kuskus1 how is any of it baking are they subtly trying to hack off all the #GBBO viewers before the next series merge into master chef 😳

— Sammie (@sammiefeasting) September 14, 2016

#GBBO had 1 round of baking and 2 rounds of frying

— Davaldo (@davaldo1) September 14, 2016

Sorry, HOW is baking involved in making pancakes?! #GBBO

— Rob Hurley ✈️ (@hurleyb0b) September 14, 2016

Catching up with #GBBO I don't like this bastardisation of Yorkshire Puddings and does making Yorkshires really count as baking?

— Hannah (@hannoir) September 14, 2016

(Quietly)..cough, sorry…I hope you don't mind my mentioning…erm…its just…making churros isn't baking #thereIsaidit *runs away* #GBBO

— Catherine (@catherine_lyle) September 14, 2016

There was some dissenting opinion, but it was few and far between.

Of course batter is baking. Before supermarkets we bought our donuts, dorings & yum yums at the wee bakers on the High Street! #GBBO

— Designer Diva (@DivaFidgin) September 14, 2016

BATTER WEEK!! I am so on board with this. Forget all I said about things that aren't technically baking. #GBBO

— Ruby Noir (@MissShivvers) September 7, 2016

The Great British Bake Off continues next Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.