Frankie Bridge turned investigative journalist on Thursday night for Channel 5′s Celeb Trolls: We’re Gonna Get You.

Saturdays star Frankie met up with fellow victims of the wrath of internet trolls, including former X Factor contestant Christopher Maloney, who underwent plastic surgery as a result of his online bullying, a woman who sent a supportive Facebook message to X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza and has suffered five years of abuse as a result, a disabled child who is a mascot for Celtic, and Denise Fergus whose son James Bulger was abducted and killed more than 20 years ago.

Frankie herself has been the victim of trolling too, even receiving online death threats.

The ex-Strictly contestant and mum-of-two assembled a crack team of investigators to hunt down the faceless bullies and hold them to account.

Viewers were confused and disgusted by the actions of the trolls.

Sickened already. Trolling james bulgers mum?? Ffs ,why?! #CelebTrolls

— Refugees Welcome (@COYBIG1967) August 18, 2016

#CelebTrolls it's interesting to see that trolls don't actually have a valid reason to hate a celeb but just do because they can, disgusted

— x (@lovxtobutera) August 18, 2016

I can't even believe people are trolling James Bulger's family – that is absolutely disgusting, how can they do that?😥 #CelebTrolls

— Sarita Rita Chander. (@MJHT_Sarita) August 18, 2016

I quite like @ChrisMaloney77. Guy hasn't done nothing wrong to anyone. I don't know why he receives a lot of abuse. Baffling #CelebTrolls

— chris floyd (@mrchrisfloyd) August 18, 2016

So glad that they are confronting these sick pathetic trolls out there and shaming them on tv! It's the least that they deserve #CelebTrolls

— Becki-Lu ♥ (@beckih89) August 18, 2016

Some viewers even revealed they had been victims of trolling themselves.

So sad watching this, I've been on the receiving end and its heartless keyboard warriors who have no idea what they do #CelebTrolls

— Janine Hunt (@janine1802) August 18, 2016

People who make fake accounts up to give you abuse!! Absolutely disgusting! I've had it myself.. Low life's who aren't happy #CelebTrolls

— Ruth x (@Ruth91x) August 18, 2016

Others felt there might be a really simple solution to some of the bullying.

Chris Maloney, delete your Twitter and FB accounts. I know you shouldn't have to, but better than having a breakdown. No? #CelebTrolls

— Paul O'Hagan (@pmohagan) August 18, 2016

People started to get a bit concerned about what would happen when they, you know, actually caught a troll.

Watching this Celeb Trolls, what happens when they catch em 'oi, you said this!'?

— K Beff (@_kirstybeth) August 18, 2016

they actually goin to catch any trolls ?like 15mins left #CelebTrolls

— ashley chapman (@breakaway2006) August 18, 2016

They are getting nowhere, get catfish Nev on the case!! #CelebTrolls

— Morgane le Fay☾ (@morgancrawf) August 18, 2016

Eventually, they did track down some of the trolls – but one hid in his house, and the other would only speak over the phone.

The reasons this bloke is saying why he trolled is ridiculous how low can some people go.People need to think before they act! #CelebTrolls

— They Call Me Leesaaツ (@lliissajayne) August 18, 2016

Notice how they're all cowards #CelebTrolls

— Leon Ross (@MehLeonRoss) August 18, 2016

There was a lot of love for the investigation team…

#CelebTrolls Love how photogenic the investigators all are! 😝

— Bhushan Kumar (@bogeyno2) August 18, 2016

And we all felt glad that Frankie stood up to the bullies. Good for you, Frankie!

So proud of @FrankieBridge helping out! She knows how it feels, love her ❤️ #CelebTrolls

— BryAn (@allfiredup93) August 18, 2016

Well done @FrankieBridge. Trying to fight the scum #CelebTrolls

— Angela Harper (@angiebabes84) August 18, 2016