You might remember that, after a strange stint at Manchester City in the 2014/15 season, Frank Lampard called time on his illustrious Premier League career, and moved to America to play MLS football.

And for a short time, that was all we heard from Frank. Scoring just three goals in 10 league games, he wasn’t exactly attracting the limelight.

But now Lampard is big news, having scored 11 goals in 16 games so far this season, with the latest a dramatic injury-time winner against DC United.

Game-winner. #NYCvDC

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) September 2, 2016

Just look at that celebration!

In a time when Leicester City can win the Premier League, and Iceland can knock England out of a major tournament, it was nice to see that some things never change.

Just when you thought football was going to be a bit new and different Frank Lampard bags two goals from about 12 yards combined

— sad and furry (@Tomfahy2) September 2, 2016

Some took to reminding those who doubted Frank that he was more than capable of dominating MLS.

And to think the MLS idiots booed Frank Lampard and thought he wouldn't be able to hack it in their sub-par league…….

— Tom Latchem (@theboylatch) September 2, 2016

Frank Lampard isn't the worst signing in MLS history after all. Maybe they should stick to sports where they crown their teams World Champs.

— Neil Fissler (@neilfissler) September 2, 2016

Others couldn’t resist bringing up old arguments.

The current MLS season is proof Lampard > Gerrard

— DP27 (@SimplyPayet) September 2, 2016

But the occasion was mostly a joyous one, with people revelling in the brilliance of one of England’s greatest midfielders of all time.

Frank Lampard has now scored 9 goals in his last 9 MLS games.
He's still got it! 👍👏

— ChelseaTalk (@TheBlues_Talk) September 2, 2016

⚽️ Lampard’s career goals:
England – 29
West Ham – 39
Swansea – 1
Chelsea – 211
Man City – 8
NY City – 14

— bet365 (@bet365) September 2, 2016

He really is the most remarkable goalscoring midfielder.

Frank Lampard has 302 career goals and counting… The guy isn't even a striker 🙈👏👏👏 We won't see anything like that again!!! #football ⚽

— Courtney Pitt (@CourtneyPitt81) September 2, 2016

And all on Frank Lampard Day!

Last night Frank Lampard scored 2 goals on 'Frank Lampard day' to rescue a 3-2 win for New York City. Still got it.

— Coral (@Coral) September 2, 2016