The release date for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is fast approaching. we think that means it's time for a final trailer- don't you?

Unlike the rather pleasant and calm first few films in the Harry Potter series, things seems to get pretty epic, actiony and intense very quickly in Fantastic Beasts. They've only got a three film arc this time around, so they have to get to the good stuff.

Thoughts on the footage – it's interesting to see how far the effects have come since the first teasers, with that racing POV shot over the ballroom now looking considerably different. We're also getting the first real look at the Beasts themselves, and they look to be as marvelously magical as we should expect.

Otherwise there are some touches of cartoonish effects (again these still likely aren't quite final) and a few hints on how the characters are squaring up against eachother. It always seemed pretty likely Colin Farrell was playing a baddie of some sort – just look at those eyebrows – and it seems he's going to be getting some help from the rather great Ezra Miller.

The cast also popped up in the below video to invite folks out to a special live streaming event which will be shown in select cinemas. This is a bit awkward.

Hey guys, I bet you're all really wondering why you're standing there!

The film is in cinemas on the 18th of November, 2016.