It’s time to get something straight.

Poldark isn’t all about Aidan Turner’s torso – his hair is big business too.

Poldark (BBC/PA Images)

Yes, while thousands of us watch each week in the hope of catching a glimpse of that muscled bod, there are others who have their eye on Ross’s curly locks.

His hair even has its own Twitter account.

And lately fans claim there is a problem with continuity, saying Ross’s hair is different lengths in different scenes.

Staring out to sea, praying for good fortune, good bounce & volume & the same length in each scene #Poldark

— Poldark's Hair (@PoldarksHair) September 18, 2016

Is anybody noticing poldark's hair keeps going from short to long to short #Poldark

— Amelia (@Ameliastudholme) September 18, 2016

Poldark's ever changing hair length is very distracting! #Poldark @PoldarkTV @BBC

— Pippa Mawbey (@PippaMawbey) September 18, 2016

How many times can ones hair length change?🤔🤔 #Poldark

— charlotte♌️ (@lottiecobbett) September 18, 2016

So is the deal that when Ross is stressed, his hair spontaneously gets shorter? #Poldark

— Laura (@uisgebeatha) September 18, 2016

But hey, short or long, it’s all good.

the poldark guy does have lovely hair

— hannah☮≈ (@oceanseyye) September 18, 2016

I don't know what they put in the water down in Cornwall, but everyone's hair is amazingly lustrous and bouncy. #Poldark

— Kate Marzillier (@marzillk) September 18, 2016