A new BBC Two series will follow the work of a charity as it reviews evidence to see if a man’s conviction for a 2008 murder could potentially be overturned.

Conviction: Murder At The Station is billed as a “compelling look into real-life crime”, inviting viewers to observe the work of charity Inside Justice on the case of Paula Poolton.

Ms Poolton was found dead in the boot of her car parked outside Swanwick railway station in Hampshire after being missing for 11 days, and her secret lover Roger Kearney was convicted of her murder in 2010.

Charity Inside Justice looks into evidence in the murder case of Paula Poolton in new BBC Two programme Conviction: Murder At The Station (Hampshire Police /PA Images)

The two-part series was created by James Newton, director of Bafta-nominated The Detectives, and production company Raw TV.

Clare Sillery, Acting Head of Commissioning, BBC Documentaries, said: “What’s exciting about this series is how Raw TV has been able to offer BBC Two audiences more than a simple retelling of a true crime story.

“In gaining access to the work of Inside Justice, cameras capture the painstaking work that goes into these cases.

“With the bar for such referrals being set phenomenally high, viewers will get a sense of just what it takes look for evidence which could potentially overturn a murder conviction.”

Conviction: Murder At The Station stars Louise Shorter (centre), who heads up Inside Justice (BBC/Raw/James Turnbull)

Richard Bond, Head of Factual TV at Raw productions, added that they had “unique access to a fascinating world” but that the makers of the programme “never expected this investigation to evolve into a compelling real-life thriller”.

He also teased an “unexpectedly devastating conclusion” for the in-depth series, which airs later this month.

Viewers will follow the unfolding story as a team of criminal and forensic experts work alongside the charity that investigates alleged miscarriages of justice.

Inside Justice is headed up by Louise Shorter, who will delve deeply into the case of Ms Poolton, looking back at CCTV footage and trying to uncover any missed details.

Conviction: Murder At The Station (BBC/Raw/James Newton)

Her overall aim is to find any crucial evidence that could present grounds to bring a very rare referral to the Court of Appeal to overturn the conviction of Kearney, who maintains his innocence and is therefore ineligible for parole.

Conviction: Murder At The Station will air on BBC Two on Wednesday September 21 and Wednesday September 28 at 9pm.