Star Wars fans have been tweeting some of the most hilarious lines you’ll never hear in any of the films.

What line do you wish you’d heard? (Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)

The comedy take on some of the best known films ever made has been trending on Twitter under #ThingsNeverSaidInStarWars and some of the suggestions are genius.

One man had a different take on what Darth Vader might have been like as a father.

"Where do you think you're going looking like that young lady"
"Who are you my dad?"

— Erasmo Recchioni (@Erasmo2058) September 17, 2016

Another fan imagined the big fatherhood twist going in a completely different direction.

Luke. The tests have revealed he is NOT your father. #ThingsNeverSaidInStarWars

— Shellie (@dirtroaddiva1) September 17, 2016

Maybe Han and Leia should have had the which-baby-names-wouldn’t-work chat…

No! We cannot name our son Guitar Solo 🎸

— JodiSymmo (@JNSymmo) September 17, 2016

Someone decided this was a great opportunity to point out, for anyone who is still confused, that Star Wars is NOT the same as Star Trek.

live long and prosper #ThingsNeverSaidInStarWars

— Pierson Fodé (@PiersonFode) September 17, 2016

This person had a point.

Obi-Wan: "May the force be with you"
All in reply: "And also with you" #ThingsNeverSaidInStarWars

— ⭐️KasiaEmerald⭐️ (@KasiaEmerald) September 17, 2016