It’s hard to imagine a bigger honour for a footballer than having a brass statue of yourself unveiled outside the stadium of your childhood club.

And we’re sure it only slightly took the shine off things for Alan Shearer that his statue bore an uncanny resemblance to a character from 90s kids’ TV.

Knew I'd seen Shearer's statue somewhere before….

— Nat Mansell (@NatMansell) September 12, 2016

Why does the Shearer statue look like that head thing from art attack?

— daveyharra (@davidharrisonn) September 12, 2016

Alan Shearer's statue bringing back some old school TV memories today…

— p302 (@p302_) September 12, 2016

Oh my god! I swear the head on the new Alan Shearer statue was modelled on the head statue thing from Art Attack 😐

— Catherine Clarkson (@CathBRFC) September 12, 2016

Newcastle erect a statue of Alan Shearer. Always wondered what The Head from Art Attack was up to these days.

— TheFootballCommunity (@Footy_Community) September 12, 2016

Who knew the televisual output of Neil Buchanan was so iconic on Tyneside?

The statue is 9ft 6in tall, cost £250,000 and commemorates the career of a man who scored 200 goals in 10 years at Newcastle.

Or possibly it commemorates a man who once compared a journalist to an ostrich.

Is that an Alan Shearer or Nigel Pearson statue unveiled at St James' Park today? 🤔

— Oddschanger (@Oddschanger) September 12, 2016

Or a popular comic strip character.

#NUFC were to have unveiled an Alan Shearer statue – but instead did a tribute to Joe out The Broons instead ..

— Stewart Weir (@sweirz) September 12, 2016

Thing is though, is it really that bad?

As this tweet shows, if you look closely they got the likeness pretty much spot on.

They nailed that Shearer statue. Can't tell where the Geordie ends and the bronze begins

— Mathieu (@MattCPFC) September 12, 2016

Whoever or whatever it is, it’s definitely an art attack.