Viewers were left divided by host Emma Willis after she was left with the unenviable task of interviewing Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear.

The controversial housemate was asked to answer seriously by an increasingly annoyed Emma as he refused to answer any of her questions maturely.

Emma and Bear were at odds from the beginning of the interview (Ian West/PA)

When asked whether he enjoyed pushing people’s buttons, Bear made repeated attempts to talk about pancakes and eggs, forcing Emma to tell him to “shut up”.

She then moved on to his relationship with housemate Chloe Khan which began while he was still with his now ex-girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Asked if he could have waited until after the show and to have broken up with her in person, he replied belligerently: “Couldn’t you have worn a red dress? I don’t know what you’re saying.”

Emma struggled to get a serious answer from Bear (Ian West/PA)

She was commended by some viewers for putting up with him.

Is this the worst interview you have ever seen??? #cbb #bear feel for a Emma big time! Hardest interviewee of all time

— James Green (@JamesGreenInUK) August 26, 2016

argh poor @EmmaWillis this interview has to be one of her hardest yet.. Bear isn't taking it seriously at all! you tell him Em! #CBB 🙉😠xxx

— Pam K 🐱♥ (@KittyKatPK) August 26, 2016

I think Emma did well there, if it was me I wouldn't have give Bear the time of day! #CBB

— Vikki Targaryen (@Vikki_Louise_) August 26, 2016

Emma Willis looks shattered after interviewing Bear. Poor woman. #CBB

— Harry (@Recylopse) August 26, 2016

#CBB #emmawillis well done holding that interview #bear and pancakes most obnoxious winner ever 👎

— Linda Perkins (@lindaperkins121) August 26, 2016

I agree with Emma completely, too much of Bear was shown, it was edited for him to win! And he is infuriating! GO EMMA! 👌👌👏👏 #CBBBOTS #CBB x

— Siobhan Linehan (@slinehan1) August 26, 2016

Of course, Bear’s supporters disagreed.

Have to say, I thought Emma's interview with the WINNER of #CBBUK #CBB was awful…very negative towards @stephen_bear we love him! 🎉💙😎👑🍳☕️🍾

— Sharon Burton (@Sharon__Burton) August 26, 2016

Emma: "Couldn't you wait"
Bear: "Well couldn't you wear a red dress?"

— #Jarrah (@FarrahCBB) August 26, 2016

I don't like how Emma is treating Bear during this interview… She should play him at his own game. I think she's just being rude. #CBB

— Rebekka-Mary Darling (@RebekkaMary) August 26, 2016

@BBUK. Os Emma hates the fact Bear Won..Awful InterviewGive him a break. He's MADE #CBB the Best series ever. Well Done @stephen_Bear!

— Bevgoige (@bevgoige) August 26, 2016

@channel5_tv horrible interview Emma give credit where credit is would've been nothing without @stephen_bear #cbb

— Bobby Ferguson (@bob_fergo) August 26, 2016

The ones moaning about Emma, this is how Bear treated people in the house. Putting them on the spot, being direct.He should be grilled. #cbb

— Kate Byrne (@FoxyFox1989) August 26, 2016

Emma is really trying to put a downer on bear winning! #CBB

— sarahferris. (@_sarah_ferris) August 26, 2016

Emma Willis is a hater. All questions tailored to make Bear look bad. Then gets annoyed when he out smarts her. Very unprofessional #CBB

— Jamie Nash (@jamienash1) August 26, 2016

Emma Willis has let herself down tonight, let her opinion of Bear effect her professionally! Negative about him in every interview #CBB

— Cal Fletcher (@callum_fletch98) August 26, 2016

Speaking to Rylan Clark-Neal on Bit On The Side afterwards, she explained: “I find it very infuriating when I’m asking questions, when someone isn’t giving me serious answers. I get nothing from that winner. Yes, people have voted for this person, but this is also my job.”