Dragons’ Den star Sarah Willingham has revealed she never took maternity leave.

The mother-of-four and multimillionaire businesswoman said she was so busy after giving birth to her babies that she would breastfeed them in meetings.

Sarah Willingham is a star of Dragons’ Den (BBC)

“I asked if anyone had a problem, and they never did,” she explained.

“In order for me to continue running the businesses, the babies needed to come with me wherever I went. So I always needed to work.”

Sarah and her husband Michael have now set off on a year-long adventure across the globe, along with their children – Minnie, 10, Monti, eight, Nelly, six and five-year-old Marly.

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The 42-year-old, who made her fortune with restaurant chain Bombay Bicycle Club, told Hello! magazine: “For me, as a mum, this is such a precious time with the kids.

“They still think we’re cool, they still choose us over their mates and I feel I’m bottling a period of our life that we’ll never forget.”

Sarah Willingham (BBC)

The family have started their travels in Canada, but the children will be educated along the way, joining schools and also being home-schooled.

“How could you not come back enriched?” she said.

“We’re so open to new experiences, I think a lot will influence us. I’m sure we’ll laugh and cry more than we ever expected to.”

Sarah has appeared in BBC Two series Dragons’ Den since 2015.

The full interview is in the magazine (Hello! magazine)

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