A campaign to save the London nightclub Fabric has raised more than £200,000 less than a week after launching.

Islington Council revoked the Farringdon venue’s licence earlier this month, after finding it had a “culture of drug use” which staff were “incapable of controlling”.

The decision has been labelled “a devastating blow for London” by figures from the music world.

(David Mirzoeff/PA)

London mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “disappointed” that an agreement had not been reached between Fabric, Islington Council and the Metropolitan Police.

The club closed temporarily after the deaths of two teenagers from suspected drug overdoses earlier this year, and last month the Met applied to the council for the licence to be reviewed.

In an effort to save the venue, the nightclub’s owners launched a crowdfunding campaign called #saveourculture to “take on this fight”.

They said the council and police “abused archaic licensing laws” in order to close the venue.

(David Mirzoeff/PA)

The campaign asks for its supporters to “stand with us and contribute to the campaign fund” in order to prepare “a legal battle to re-open and stop this police oppression”.

“The last time we took the police on in court, we won,” they add.

Addressing the recent deaths at the venue, the club said: “We want to learn, we will try harder. We always have. We started this to create a safe place, a home – not a ‘superclub’.

“It’s about the fabric that unites us all, that stitches together race, gender, age and sexual preference into a brilliant tapestry.

“We invest in the best music, technology, interior and visual design and our staff and safety are industry leading.”

As of Thursday evening £207,551 had been donated by supporters of the campaign and a petition to reopen the club signed by almost 160,000 people.