First Brangelina, and now Cold Feet’s Angela and Adam?

Yes, it looks as if the loved-up couple have gone their separate ways after Adam (James Nesbitt) picked life in the UK with his son over wedded bliss in Singapore with Angela (Karen David).

Tonight's episode was dramatic! Is there a future for Adam and Angela or is that it for our newlyweds? #ColdFeet

— ITV (@ITV) September 26, 2016

But fans are desperately hoping that it isn’t so, and that the course of true love will eventually run smooth for the smitten pair.

Shedding tears on Angela's behalf tonight #coldfeet she deserves better @KarenDavid #men #boohiss to them!

— Asiana Magazine (@AsianaTV) September 26, 2016

#Angela is coming back…right? She has to. 🙁 Those two are my favourite couple! @ITV @_mikebullen #ColdFeet

— Princess Jasmine (@ouatprincessjas) September 26, 2016

I hope this is not the end of Adam and Angela, there so good together @KarenDavid #ColdFeet

— Dan Indyk (@Dan240993) September 26, 2016

Nooo!#ColdFeet needs to stay fresh.#Angela is good for #Adam -she literally was willing to give up everything for him.THAT is true [email protected]

— Gemma Merritt (@gemma237) September 26, 2016

Of course Angela is unlikely to get too far – as she walked off to catch her plane to Singapore, many fans spotted that she was actually headed into Arrivals, not Departures.

Angela just left for Singapore via Arrivals. Surely @ITV it's Departures for outbound travel? #ColdFeet #ITV #

— Jamie Pettigrew (@JC_Pettigrew) September 26, 2016

Anyone notice that when Angela left – she went into 'arrivals' lol #coldfeet

— ELAINE HAMILTON (@hammyshockeymom) September 26, 2016


It it wasn’t all tears in the latest instalment, with David (Robert Bathurst) providing much of the comic relief.

He ended up living in a hotel after wife Robyn gave him the boot, and his perplexed state gave Twitter the giggles.

David right now #ColdFeet

— * (@photosbyseun) September 26, 2016

And the giggles turned to belly laughs when poor David asked for a spa, only to be directed to the Spar.

😂😂😂 #ColdFeet

— ITV (@ITV) September 26, 2016

#Coldfeet tonight is utterly brilliant. Crying with laughter at 'spa' and David ends up outside Spar!

— Apple (@apple_1968) September 26, 2016

Does the hotel have a Spar? #ColdFeet

— The Woodster™ MBE (@DavidJEWood) September 26, 2016

Best line ever "does the hotel have a spar"? No, but there's one 3 doors down 😂😂😂😂#ColdFeet #sooooooofunny

— Sue Murphy (@sue140309) September 26, 2016

Good times.