You know how when players go back to an old club they always want to make a good impression to show they should never have been allowed to leave in the first place?

Well, Claudio Bravo did the exact opposite of that in Manchester City’s Champions League defeat at Barcelona.

(Manu Fernandez/AP)

City were 1-0 down when, less than 10 minutes into the second half, he passed the ball straight to one of the deadliest strikers in the world, Barca’s Luis Suarez.

To be fair to him, he did get his hand to the subsequent shot and keep it out – the only problem was he was about 10 yards outside the penalty area at the time.

And that’s generally frowned upon by referees.

(Nick Potts/EMPICS)

Yep, Bravo saw red, City went on to lose 4-0 and everyone watching had pretty much exactly the same thought.

Bravo? Hardly. Terrible goalkeeping by Claudio Bravo, poor clearance, then handled Suarez shot outside the area. Off. Somewhere in Turin….

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) October 19, 2016

"If Claudio Bravo makes a mistake in a forest and no one is around to see it, does Joe Hart still laugh?"

— Ryan Williams (@razza699) October 19, 2016

"But Claudio Bravo is good with his feet"

— BigSport (@BigSportGB) October 19, 2016

Because yes, in case you’d forgotten, Bravo was the goalkeeper brought in by Pep Guardiola because, for some reason, he didn’t want Joe Hart in his team.

The England stopper is now impressing for Torino, while City fans ponder what might have been.

Please let us take a moment to laugh at guardiola for selling joe Hart for this bravo of a joke 😂😂😂😂😂

— 90thMin ⚽️ (@90thMin) October 19, 2016

Joe hart must be sat with his feet up, a brew in hand, wetting himself at Man City's keeper choice 😂😂😂

— Gareth seddon (@Gazseddon) October 19, 2016

If you listen carefully… somewhere you can hear Joe Hart laughing hysterically. #BarcaCity #Bravo

— Francis Maxwell (@francis_maxwell) October 19, 2016

Joe Hart finishes a glass of a smooth Tuscan red. It is 10pm in Turin.
He smiles softly to himself.
"Bravo, Claudio. Bravo."

— Jon Hudson (@JonHudson) October 19, 2016

Of course, one mistake doesn’t necessarily make Bravo a worse keeper than Hart who, let’s face it, had made a mistake or two of his own in his time.

I am continually amazed by how many people are completely flummoxed by the idea that Guardiola might not think Joe Hart's all that.

— Rory Smith (@RorySmith) October 19, 2016

I really hope Bravo turns this around, I'm sick of going on Twitter and seeing 70 pictures of Joe Hart laughing.

— Enzo Eamore (@EamoV1) October 19, 2016

Perhaps this sums things up best.

You think Joe Hart cares bruv? Man is enjoying the best food and drink of his life and doesn't have to learn about triangles.

— Carl Anka (@Ankaman616) October 19, 2016

Still. Sucks to be Bravo right now.