In honor of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rooster, a factory in eastern China is producing a giant inflatable version of the bird which bears a close resemblance to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. Managers at the plant say they are struggling to keep up with demand for the roosters, which range in size from two to 20 meters in height. The managers insist any resemblance to Trump was not intentional, but would not say what inspired the design. Media reports, however, have cited the inflatable's strong resemblance to a statue which appeared in front of a shopping mall in northern Shanxi province in December. That statue was designed by Seattle-based Graphic artist Casey Latiolais, who admits the president-elect may have influenced his design. "I can definitely say that Mr. Trump has a lot of similarities in that he likes to tweet — so right there, you got a bird — and he also likes to tweet at or around sunrise," Latiolais joked, " and if you take away the fact that roosters are kind of loud, and are self-absorbed, then I think you can start drawing similarities that way." Latiolais said that he was commissioned by Beijing Reliance Commercial Land Company in November of last year to produce something rooster-like. The factory, in Jiaxing city in Zhejiang province, has already produced 30 of the distinct inflatables, and they still have plenty of orders to fill before the Lunar New Year, which begins on January 28. The inflatables can be ordered online at prices starting at $376. for the two-meter version.