There was drama on the set of Loose Women when Kaye Adams was forced to assume hosting duties after Andrea McLean ran off set.

Kaye had shocked her fellow panellist, who is terrified of spiders, by producing a remote control insect.

Andrea had been asked to stand away from the panel’s desk while Kaye prepared the prank but was so shaken by it she could not return to her seat.

Kaye did try to hide the fake spider but Andrea said: “Oh no, no, no, no. I can still see it.”


She later admitted she was still shaking as Kaye stepped into the presenting shoes to read the autocue and sign off.

Viewers watching at home were firmly on Andrea’s side.

#LooseWomen that was a horrible thing to do to @andrea_mclean. I'm also terrified & I would have been in tears! She was very brave #bullies

— sam hunter (@senlgh) September 9, 2016

Andrea is me #loosewomen #goawayspiders

— Aimee W (@Aimeew22) September 9, 2016

I'm just like Andrea with spiders I know how she feels and I know how she feels when people frighten her with fake toy spiders #loosewomen

— 🎆 Emily 🎆 (@Emily_McLeanCJJ) September 9, 2016

If I was Andrea I'd run out of the studio #loosewomen

— 🎆 Emily 🎆 (@Emily_McLeanCJJ) September 9, 2016

Loose Women is on ITV at 12.30pm.