Another episode of Celebrity Big Brother, another meltdown from Stephen Bear.

The mischievous housemate was upsetting the rest of the contestants again on Monday night, this time by wrecking the yearbook they made as part of their school task.

Ricky Norwood and Aubrey O’Day – as Head Boy and Head Girl – created a yearbook giving people titles such as Overall Superstar.

Bear wasn’t happy and painted all over it in jam, saying he was putting the names of the people that he thought should of been given each title.

It even angered his pal Lewis Bloor and it seems fans on Twitter agree and are starting to lose patience with Bear.

Please vote to save Renee… and Lewis and Heavy D if you must. Just PLEASE don’t vote for Bear. #CBB

— Elliot Gonzalez (@elliot_gonzalez) August 15, 2016

I think they should send in super nanny to sort Bear out 😂😩 he's such a MELT #cbb

— AISLEYNE (@Aisleyne1) August 15, 2016

And here we see a photo of bears brain. #CBBUK #CBB

— Jordan Mcmullan (@TheRealSlimJord) August 15, 2016

#CBB catching up on last couple of eps!! I've only despised one other housemate as much as I despise Bear!! As a viewer!!!

— Denise Welch (@RealDeniseWelch) August 15, 2016

Hope the end of this friendship is the end of #CBBBear. He simply is a little irritant you find on the floor #CelebrityBigBrother #cbb

— MR SUPERPIDGE (@superpidge) August 15, 2016

Tonight was the first time I've actually liked Lewis, glad he's finally saw what a twat Bear is #CBB

— Aidan Kirk (@aidanrowankirk) August 15, 2016

Bear us even loosing the few people that he had in his corner, he really needs to be shown the door! #CBB

— Mitchell WEBB (@MitchellWebb85) August 15, 2016

Bear being a complete prick is getting boring now. #cbb

— Stubbsisgo (@Stubbsisgo) August 15, 2016


Could Bear be getting his marching orders in Tuesday night’s eviction?